maandag 15 april 2019

Dear mom

IM: Nel Allaart: ϯ 16-04-2018

As I am talking to you
pondering about life
I feel almost ashamed
because yours will end

we don't speak anymore
about plans, there is no
future awaiting for you
your days are counted

I would like to chat
but answer your silence
and I convey love with
my hands and my eyes

wanting to ease my pain
you said: 'don't bother about it'
but I won't miss you that easy
You live in my heart

woensdag 10 april 2019

Unforeseen Fortune

Nel Allaart *10-04-1934

through your ring and bracelet I see
your wrinkly skin
as background

your scarf around my shoulders
is like your caring arm
touching hot

on my wall your ancestors as
treasurers protected
in moody sepia

expanding on an unknown arsenal
causes sacrilege
as treasure diggers

apart from unprecedented splendor, we dig
also a lot of love and we watch
through your eyes

© Mattie Goedegebuur

woensdag 13 juni 2018

Words are like Water

If I slowly want to string
all kinds of letters
on the spelling cable
to form words
I cannot just grab
because not all vowels fit
seamlessly next to each other
not to mention

If I could write texts indiscriminately
spontaneously and at will
without spelling correctly
if I could compile my own language
then I challenge you
to express my sounds aloud
or tell my intention

chọta okwu ahụ ọzọ
kwaye uza kufumana igama
hallgassa meg a hangot
va siz ovozni bilasiz
whakarongo ahau te wai kapi
sempre amaras a auga
kuula seda muusikat alati

find the word again
and you will get a name
listen to the sound
and you will know the voice
listen to the water
and you will love water
always listen to this music

©Mattie Goedegebuur

donderdag 29 december 2016

Prohibited to flourish

all your words flow thoughtlessy
over your lips
wriggle almost through the bars
of sectarianism
you restrain yourself and you recall
your words

flowers budding in your heart
shall not flourish
in reticence you think you enjoy
the scent of silence
but it is the briny succulent flavor
of imagination

zondag 20 november 2016


for five years I have met you
in the mirror

for five years I lack your
wise counsel and
have to unravel life alone

for five years I feel your
silence, peacefullness and tranquility
now I search ...

half a century of meetings
more than fifty years to
listen to advice

I got the rest of my time to welcome
silence, peacefullness and tranquility
in my soul

IM; My dad who passed away 5 years ago today

zaterdag 22 oktober 2016


Don't be too big for your boots up there
from all the received tribute,
boozing in your remembrance and
a poetry collection for you alone.

Pleasantly, we have already begun
this in your life, we only intensify.
There ought to be an abundance of
magical words still to come.

You've been reminiscing about your
life. The epiphany is yet to come, that
you live strong, in all of our hearts. You really
should have written your own preface.

Heaven't you hidden a legacy of yourself?
Than we can play treasure hunt and sip
recollection-beer with your text.

Dutch version:

zondag 25 september 2016

Salty Tale

You are nibbling my toes
so soft and ceaselessly
you withdraw and return
like a whirlwind.

Your storytelling is enormous
you whisper the history
of humanity in
my ears.

You tell in allegretto
and continuously
than soft and cheerful
thunderous and powerful.

You foam words are
around me with your
thrust and your sweet
salty tenderness.

Nonviolent you hug me
and gladly I let you
embrace me.

in Dutch